Some Fulani/Pulaar/Fula names and their English meaning

If You Are A Pullo Contribute The Knowledge Please!
just drop a comment with a name and the meaning.

Ardo (The Leader).
Gidado (The Loved One).
Barkindo (The Blessed One).
Chubado (The Choosing One)
Gaabdo (The Joy).
Chenido (The Persevere) Not too sure.
Modibbo (The Lettered One).
Labbo (Sword).
Bodéjo (Red).
Balewa or Baleri (Black).
Danejo (White).
Manga (Big).
Maudo (Senior).
Petel or Peto (Small especially a brother or a sister).
Adda Manga and Adda Petel (this name is usually given to a daughter that namesake her mothers or Fathers junior sister).
Beldo or Bello (Sweetness).
Gaji (Last born).
Muido (The Patience one).
Iya (A senior brother).
Hamma (A senior brother).
Yahya (A senior brother).
Bobbo (A senior brother).
Chuto (A twin).
Dadda (A senior sister).
Adda (A senior sister but mothers also answer the name)
Lamido (King).
Jauro (Prince).
Jagordo (A Lieutenant).
Dada (A mother).
Ba-Petel (Grandpa’s namesake).
Ba-Manga (Grandpa’s senior or junior brother’s namesake).
Garga (Ali or Aliyu).
Buba (Abubakr or Abubakar).
Faruqu (Umar).
Manu (Uthman or Usman).
Shatu (Aisha or Aishatu).
Sumai (Azumi in hausa and Fast in English).

That’s how far I can go for now. Please I have so many names in mind but I don’t know how to translate them in Fulfulde/Pulaar the names are:-
Kaabo. (Although every woman or girl bearing Amina can be call Kaabo what does it mean)?.
Jalo or Djallo.
Sebo (normally it refers to a senior sister but I really need to know what it mean).
Diddi (the name is often given to a mother or a senior sister but what does it mean)?.
Nenne (Senegal, Guinea, Gambia and Mali. Nenne mean Grandma but in Nigeria especiallypart of Adamawa/Gombe and Taraba is usually for mother’s or a senior sister).

Please our elders don’t be shy or feel too big to contribute help us the youngster.

We have BALLO now they call it Bello, that is the assistant

nyalawdo the one that is born in the afternoon

We have MAUNDE the 1 dat is born on the bid day, that is friday

we have MAUDE or Mande the one with a big name in the family.

Bello came from word Ballou, Ballou means Naseer , Naseer is an Arabic word means Helper, Shehu Usman IBN FODIYYO named his fist son Muhammad Bellouwaddeen, means Muhammad Nasseruddeen.
The real word Bello is Ballou, (Bellouwaddeen) in Arabic (Nasseruddeen) the religion Help.
The meaning of Bello is HELPER
Beetowa name giving to a boy that was in d fajir after asuba prayer

You have male Names like: Badikko, Badembo, Bayero, Basambo, Bashebo, Bajobbo, Bappate and females: Yadado, Yademmo, Yakumbo, Yatakko, Yadikko and Yashebo. These names are been beared by uncles and aunties from their nephews/nieces by default in my fulani clan. Badikko and Badembo being the eldest and youngest sons respectively.

Jamo===> the healthy
Madujo==> mother
Nyako ==> Father
Bingel==> Child
Debbo==> female/woman
Jauro ==>young man. Miyetti Allah, I thank God

Hammadi(first son)
Samba(the second)
Demba(the third)
Yero(the forth)
Saajo(the one who comes after twins,if there is twins)
And Kodda(the last son or child)

The Speech of Prof. Amiinu Ibrahim
The Reactor of Sokoto state Polytechnic during Fulfulde festival in 2016.

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