The people of Borno and Yobe have expressed readiness to give President Muhammadu Buhari a mother of all welcome on Monday in the two states.

The president is expected in the two states along with All Progressive Congress (APC) party leaders for a political rally ahead of the 2019 general elections.
The Borno state government has already issued a statement Sunday declaring the day work-free.

Similarly, residents across the state have been preparing in different ways to welcome the president.

Some people spoken to by YERWA EXPRESS NEWS said that even if the state government has not declared the day a holiday, they have already planned to take it off.

They said they have planned for the day, including shopping, closing all transactions and works well ahead of the president’s visit.

Several organizations are also working through out last week on how to receive the president.

The Buhari Support Organization, state chapter, held meetings for several hours Sunday planning for the president’s visit.

Other organizations such as the Borno chapter of the Buhari Media Centre have distributing shirts freely to residents and erecting billboards in the state capital even as at the time of filing this report Sunday night.

Mohammed Lambs, an N-power beneficiary told our reporter that ‘right now, I have washed my boots, with a bag with which to carry drinking water. I am read to walk to the airport to welcome him’

Hassan Alai Maidugu, a businessman said he has already dedicated the day to the president’s visit.

‘I have cancelled all my tomorrow’s schedule, it is necessary that we go out in our multitude to receive the president. Everyone who knows what he is doing will go out because we know how the previous government had neglected us.’

Similarly, Mohammed Ali explained that they have tasked themselves to distribute shirts and caps carrying welcome messages to welcome the president.

‘We will go out as has been in the other states have done to receive Baba Buhari. Right now we have had our shirts and face-caps, we share it to our people.

‘No one gave us anything, it is just the initiative of our majalisa (an informal rendezvous joint) because we want to give him a mother of all welcome. Right now feel like the tomorrow will not come because we are desperate to go and show him our love.’

The state publicity secretary of the state, Makinta M. Zarami said ‘we have been preparing seriously to receive Mr. President in Ramat Square.

‘We have made all necessary settings pertaining the party including security and everything and we are calling on the good people of Borno to come out wholeheartedly because he has done a lot to us and favored our children in his government.’

In 2015 when he visited the state, he was received by such an overwhelming crowd that he could not allow him to make his address.

Roads leading to the venue of the rally was littered with supporters and took the then aspiring Buhari hours to arrive.

Since he took over office, this will be his fourth visit to the state, the recent being last November.

Source: Yenlive news.

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