Guinea is very well known for its traditional values, several ethnic groups have their way of celebrating ceremonies according to their traditions and customs. In the Fulani community, for example, marriage, one of the social facts, is characterized by respect for the Muslim religion and tradition.

To marry a woman in this community, the Fulanis are very demanding according to this muezzin of about sixty years. “With us, respect for the hierarchy is always essential, the man must send his parents to ask for the hand of the girl with her dad, who will tell them to turn around, the time for him to consult the whole family and especially the eldest, because with us it is respect for the hierarchy, ”he explains.

Further in his explanations, the muezzin adds “if the daddy of the girl has a certified answer, he summons them (the candidate and his father) again and in front of the whole family, the oldest one speaks by saying ” We are happy and we agree to give our daughter to your child in marriage. ” But all this if they have not found another candidate in the family because it is the most privileged, and it is done without receiving the colas first, “he says.

After this step, the parents of the future husband have all the latitude to propose a date to celebrate the religious and even civil marriage.
“It is the wedding day that the colas will be received and shared, the same day the husband goes with his wife. The parents of the woman do not take anything away and do not claim anything in the hands of the parents of the man, all they send is for the woman “he edified.

After the wedding, a gun is fired in the air in front of everyone as is the custom. A sign for anyone who wanted to date the girl to be informed that she is under the responsibility of a man, that she should not be played with anymore. And vice versa

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