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Koode radio to start AM broadcasting

Koode Radio international (KRI) Janngo so Allah Jaɓi Koode Radio international Fuɗɗay cakuki Kubaruuji mum e nyalaande fuu dow 7265 (41 Meter Band) waktu 8:00 yaago 8:30 Jemma, Wonnde e Koode Radio international ngam nango Taskaramji feere-feere Koode Radio an international radio station with Fulfulde as the major broadcasting language will officially launch and start broadcasting its programs tomorrow 26th […]

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Some Fulani/Pulaar/Fula names and their meaning

Some Fulani/Pulaar/Fula names and their English meaning If You Are A Pullo Contribute The Knowledge Please! just drop a comment with a name and the meaning. Ardo (The Leader). Gidado (The Loved One). Barkindo (The Blessed One). Chubado (The Choosing One) Gaabdo (The Joy). Chenido (The Persevere) Not too sure. Modibbo (The Lettered One). Labbo (Sword). Bodéjo (Red). Balewa or […]

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Short stories by Usman Ibn Fodio

Short stories to educate the younger ones: Shehu Usman Bin Fodio and the establishment of  Sokoto Caliphate (Ad Daulat al Khalifa al Bilad as Sudan) The Sokoto caliphate established by Sheikh Usman bin Fodio (1754-1817) was the largest precolonial states in Africa. It was founded between 1804 and 1806, when its location was used as resettlement of the nomadic Fulbe. […]

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Concept of Pulaaku

The word “Pulaaku” serves as an unwritten code of conduct for the Fulani people. It is a word that cannot be translated into English simplistically and hold a deep value in the hearts of all traditional Fulani people. It represents the key principles of how they act and treat others. Pulaaku is an abstract noun that comes from a combination […]