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Short stories by Usman Ibn Fodio

Short stories to educate the younger ones: Shehu Usman Bin Fodio and the establishment of  Sokoto Caliphate (Ad Daulat al Khalifa al Bilad as Sudan) The Sokoto caliphate established by Sheikh Usman bin Fodio (1754-1817) was the largest precolonial states in Africa. It was founded between 1804 and 1806, when its location was used as resettlement of the nomadic Fulbe. […]

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Concept of Pulaaku

The word “Pulaaku” serves as an unwritten code of conduct for the Fulani people. It is a word that cannot be translated into English simplistically and hold a deep value in the hearts of all traditional Fulani people. It represents the key principles of how they act and treat others. Pulaaku is an abstract noun that comes from a combination […]