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Bauchi, Gombe to join oil producing states

There are indications that Bauchi and Gombe would sooner or later become an oil producing states following the inauguration of drilling site at the Kolmani River-II well, located at Barambu, a border village between both states by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari while inaugurating the project on Saturday reiterated his administration’s commitment to intensify oil explorations in the country’s frontier basins for a prosperous economy and balanced resources distribution of the nation’s wealth.

The president said the “spud-in of Kolmani River-II well, part of the Gongola Basin, Upper Benue Trough was part of his next level agenda to make Nigeria an industrial economy.

“Today’s event is not only a reflection of our success story but a landmark of promise kept to the Nigerian people.

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