By Sadiq Abubakar Dasin

History is a complex process especially when debate over issues of race, tribe or religion are involved in relation to the subject. So when I decided to write this, I was under no illusion that the issues I will raise here would be easily resolved.

Let me also say that undoubtedly all tribes are of obscure origin. Therefore instead of accepting the myth that Igbos came from Israel, Yoruba descended from heaven, the Hausa are descendants of Bayajida from Baghdad, I am content to believe that everyone of us came from the east. I have reasons to buttress this as follows-:

  1. As a Muslim I believe in what Christians also believe, that God or Allah created human beings Adam and Eve (Adamu da Hauwa’u) and also created the earth.
  2. I believe as Christians believe too that it was the first sin committed by Adam and Eve (Adamu da Hauwa’u) that led to their exiling from heaven.
  3. I believe as Christians also do that it was due to propagation of sin after Adam and Eve’s (Adamu da Hauwau’s) exiling from heaven that the world gradually became more wicked as a result of which God or Allah cleansed the earth of all sins and sinners.
  4. This, God or Allah did by sending a flood as said in the Biblical flood narrative contained in chapter 6 -9 in the book of Genesis and a summary of the flood story in the Qur’an in Surah Hud (11th Chapter), Surah al-Mu’minun (chapter 23) and Surah Nuh – 71st chapter.
  5. I also believe that Noah’s Ark with all the species of humans and animals contained in it landed on the “mountains of Ararat” according to Genesis 8:4. This same mountain referred to in the Bible, is the same mountain the Qur’an refers to in Chapter 11:44, as mount al Judi, the location where the Annabi Hudu’s Ark came to rest. As Allah says -:

“11.44 “O earth, swallow up your waters! And, O sky, cease (your rain)!” And the waters were made to subside, and (by God’s will) the affair was accomplished. Then the Ark came to rest on al-Jūdī, and it was said: “Away with the wrongdoing people!”

This mountain is today in the Anatolia region of modern Turkey.

I equally have no doubt in my mind that it was after the landing of Noah’s Ark that all human and animal species went on their way; some to the East, others went to the West, some to the North and others to the South in the earth.

If you don’t believe that it is God or Allah who created Adama and Eve (Adamu da Hauwa’u) who gave birth to the human race, if you don’t believe in Noah’s (prophet Nuhu’s) story in Genesis 6-9 or in story of the flood in Surah Hud, Nuh’ and Mu’uminin in the Qur’an, then this write up is not for you. But if you believe in the stories, you must agree that nothing distinguishes any one tribe from another.

Those that went south from the mountain, settled in the Middle East from where some moved down into North Africa and the sub-Saharan Africa. This is why every tribe in North and West Africa (our area of discussion) are, layer after layer, the same or different according to how I presented the issues here.


Donald Trump tells violent mob to ‘go home’

President Donald Trump told violent protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol to “go home now,” hours after they marched on the Capitol at his urging and stormed the building, disrupting congressional certification of his re-election defeat.

“I know your pain, I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side,” Trump said, repeating false claims about his defeat in a recorded video released Wednesday. “But you have to go home now. We have to have peace, we have to have law and order.”

He said nothing suggesting that the protesters had been wrong to invade the Capitol building. Trump had asked them to refrain from violence in earlier tweets Wednesday afternoon but stopped short of telling them to leave the building, where they forced lawmakers to flee and brought a halt to the official count of Electoral College votes.

Earlier in the day, the president held a rally near the White House, where he repeated his false claims that his loss to Joe Biden was due to vote fraud.

At the rally, Trump encouraged protesters to go to the Capitol and support members of Congress who planned to object to some Electoral College votes. He also tweeted that Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding over the certification, “didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution.”

Pence, who evacuated from the Senate chamber as protesters broke into the Capitol, vowed that they would be prosecuted.

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and a senior adviser, deleted a tweet that asked the protesters to refrain from violence but called them “patriots.”

A handful of Trump’s former top aides, including his former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former communications director Alyssa Farah, implored Trump on Twitter to condemn the violence and speak more directly to his followers to de-escalate their invasion of the Capitol.

“The President’s tweet is not enough. He can stop this now and needs to do exactly that. Tell these folks to go home,” Mulvaney wrote on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

Senator Ted Cruz, one of Trump’s fiercest supporters on Capitol Hill who is leading a group of lawmakers to contest Biden’s victory, also called on protesters to stop.

“Those storming the Capitol need to stop NOW. The Constitution protects peaceful protest, but violence — from Left or Right — is ALWAYS wrong,” Cruz tweeted.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a tweet that Trump had deployed the National Guard following appeals from Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.


Bindol Surajo Teete
Ardiiɓe leydi Mali ley ardungal Moctar Ouanne, e ballo maako Assimi Goita, surii tuumeteeɓe e liɓuki laamu lesdi ndin. Laamu lesdi ndin ni, ko laamu hiddeekwu, to piraaministaajo e ballo maako on, ardinaa laamu ngun, ɓaawo sooji’en, ley ardaangal Malick Diaw, njaɓti laamu lesdi ndin gila Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, nder lewru Juko nduuɓu saaliingu.
Tuumiraaɓe njaɓtutuki laamu ngun ni jooni, yo kamɓe njoweego’o (6) nder haa e piraaministaajo ɓoymaajo Boubou Cisse. Ɓe tuumiraama dawruduki ngam liɓuki laamu lesdi Mali, leɓɓi seɗɗannaaji ɓaawo njaɓtuki laamu ngun to juuɗe maɓɓe.
Lawya’en tuumeteeɓe ɓen, tabitinii ka leydi Mali ndin, e tuumirooɓe piiji ɗin limtaaɗi.
To on numtay ni, hooreejo majaliisa leydi Mali jooni, Malick Diaw, kanko ardiino sooji’en leydi Mali, to ɓe timmini laamu ABK. Nden o suɓaa ardaangal majaliisa leydi ndin, aranndeere lewu Bowte saaliindu.


Bindol Surajo Teete
Hukuuma Faddaaki e Haɗuki Naftirki Kare Wiikere ka NDLEA lisal Kano, teetii kare wiikere keewtuɗe kiloogiram ujuneeje joweenayi e cappanɗe joweeɗiɗi e jowi (9,075), nder nduuɓu saaliingu ngu 2020. Bana no hooreejo hukuuma kan e ɗo’o Kano, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul anndini keenya Njeslaare, ko o haaldata e jaayndiyankooɓe.
Dr. Abdul on, wi’ii, yimɓe ko hewtani ujuneere e cappanɗe tato e njowo (1,035) woni ko hukuuma kan nanngi. Nder maɓɓe cappanɗe njoweetato e njoweeɗiɗo (87) hiitaama. O limtii ko ɓe nanngiraa-ɗum, kawtuɗum e kooken, haako nyiɓɓo, e luttuɗum.
Haa regare haala maako kan kadi, o tabitinii ka foonduki tefooɓe laamu hukuumaaji pamari, ngam wurtinki wiikotooɓe nder maɓɓe. Siyaasaaɓe ɓen ni foondaama, ngam heɓa laaɓɓinki ardungal maɓɓe, ngam taa laato wiikotooɓe e njarooɓe woni laamotooɓe hukuumaaji pamari ɗin.


Bindol Surajo Teete
Majaliisa luutooɓe ka Naajeeriya, fewnii haala saaketeeka, dow ɓe tefi yaafuye hooreejo lesdi Muhammadu Buhaari. Dow surguki-mo yahki majaliisa kan, ngam o jaaboo ƴami majaliisaaɓe ɓen, dow no piiji reento saldori e lesdi ndin.
Ka’a kan ni, wurtinaama nder anndinoore nde, hooreejo komitiiru caakol kubaruuji majaliisa kan, kadi kaalanoowo-ka, Benjamin Kalu, anndini. Anndinoore nden fewnii haala ka goɗɗi cuuɗi caakol kubaruuji saaki. To ɓe saaki haala, dow majaliisaaɓe lesdi ndi’i, tefay yaafuye hooreejo lesdi, dow noddaandu ndu, woɓɓe nder majaliisaaɓe diiwal Borno waɗi. Ka majaliisa kan humpita hooreejo lesdi, ngam o anndina lesdiyankooɓe, no ngomnati maako tampi reentaaki lesdi ndin, gila caɗeele balmanko’en e konunkooɓe Booko Haram.
To on ngejjitaay ni, majaliisaaɓe ɓen tefii hooreejo lesdi ndi’i yaha majaliisa kan, ngam haala lesdi, dow no o taskanii piiji reento. Ɓaawo woɓɓe remooɓe ɗuuɗɓe kirsaama, e diiwal Borno. Ammaa Ministaajo Kiita Abubakar Malami, wi’i diidaangol lesdi hokkaayi majaliisaaɓe ɓen baawɗe humpitinki hooreejo lesdi ndin, ngam o yewta-ɓe taskaram maako. Nihi waɗi hooreejo lesdi ndin yahaayi.


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